Sunday, 21 October 2012

I made this card and ATC for a swap friend last week for her birthday. I used the free papers in Making Cards. It's pretty basic but as usual time is at a premium.

This picture was taken when it was very windy this week, hence the waves. It was not long after I got up as it was still a bit dark, and therefore a work day when I get up at 5.45 a.m.

A 'friend' of mine in Brighton sent me a birthday card. As you all know my birthday is at the end of August but the card asking for £1.50 did not arrive until 15th October. The stamp I have to admit is a bit dog-eared and after comtemplating whether to pay or not, I decided I would in case it was anything important. 
You will not be able to see from the picture but there a series of pink vertical lines across the stamp and not on the envelope, so my friend had used a second-hand stamp! I rang Royal Mail to complain about the length of time it had taken for the fee2pay card to be delivered to me. He could not answer that and did not comment when I asked what Sucharge meant! All he said was it's surcharge but it's spelt incorrectly I told him.  He did not answer.

Learning Curve - In future I am not going to pay for fee2pay items.

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  1. card and atc might be basic but they look good and I like the christmassy colours - cheerful and fun looking! I don't pay the fee2pay letters that I get as they are usually from my housing association about 8 doors away - they try to save postage by posting large stamp letters using normal stamps grrrr. Love the waves - I would really like a view to sit and watch - I only look out onto other peoples houses and might get a name as a 'curtain twitcher' if I started sitting at the window ha ha.